Brooch Care


It goes without saying throwing and dropping your new brooch is not good for it, and not good for you, presuming you dont do this, we guarantee all our workmanship, so if there is a problem, you can:

a) contact us and we will discuss options,

b) get your fingers cranking on the keyboard iand keyboard warrior some social media posts..

We hope you chose a)  and  contact us first and let us look at the issue,

WHY ??

 We want to know if there are any problems with our product that we did not predict, and of course we want you..our customer and loyal follower to be happy.

We are family after all.

To Clean, use a Soft non abrasive cloth to lightly clean is all that should be needed , all our paint is sealed to ensure it is waterproof and will last for years to come.

You  can reach out to us on instagram @queenpinmafia or email us at