About us

Hi there,

Jo and I are excited to take a different creative direction, I have and  always will be a brooch lover first, designer second.

We have a combined 50 years art and design experience, and we hope in the near future this will stand our designs out from others.

We are really trying to push the boundaries and will use any art method possible to create a unique brooch piece.

We will not mass produce, .. Why? ? ?  Because we don’t have to and we don’t believe that this is or should be part of our brands ethos.

We will airbrush, hand paint, laser cut, hand cut, really do anything to create the brooch we think is good enough for you,

Some of our brooches are resined to seal in the beauty , as we said we will use  any creative medium  to  produce the best product for our customers.

We create because its who we are, we simply cannot live without art and design in our everyday life. 

We hope you love what you see and if you decide to purchase a brooch from us we just know you will love it.

love in design Jo and Michelle x