Opening week

Well its been a fast a furious opening week, Jo and I have been working behind the scenes to make this all possible for months. So I am so happy to launch our Brooch company “QueenPinMafia”. We are extremely happy with the end product and know that our customers will see the quality over quantity in what we do. 

We have are both artists and draw, design and manifest every design you see. We strive to be unique and quirky, and well a little different to the rest. I personally try and create designs that have not been done before or elements to designs that make them unique.

I have just ordered a lot of custom Christmas goodies to accompany our christmas orders as they come in. I know it feels wrong that we should even contemplate celebrating at this globally difficult time, but there has to be some joy in what we do. Incidentally we gift package every brooch in its own jewellery box, I think you will love what you see. 

Also we released a number of new designs to our christmas collection and carnival collection, so let me know your thoughts.

Dare to be different,

QPin-M x

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