First sales on shopify

As with any new business it is hard to know how your product will be received. Jo and I both create everyday, we draw, paint, etch and create brooches, it is who we are. We are happiest when we are collaborating on projects and this new venture is an extension fo our love of brooches, and wearable art, We understand that in this difficult time that people are suffering in many ways, mentally, physically and socially, so we are humbled and honestly greatful for the support and sales this week. Q-PIN x


  • Hi Lina, I think we are close to having Afterpay, which is very exciting.
    Also we don’t plan to create necklaces at the moment, we are keeping it very focused. But no doubt in time we will expand (I love necklaces too!) my daughter has an earring company so I expect to collaborate with her at some point too….. Michelle x

  • Hi lovely ladies – your creations are awesome… Just made my FIRST purchases (won’t be my last) ..would you be considering Afterpay later in your store? Good option if i want to buy more brooches in one go?
    Would you be making necklaces?…I am a big necklace fan..

    Thanks, Lina


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